6 Weight Loss Secrets from South Beach Diet Success Stories

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South Beach Diet Success Stories

Are you ready to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life? The South Beach Diet can get you there! We’ve got the food, the guidance and the tools you need to succeed at weight loss.

And because we know that when you’re starting out on any diet, there is no better resource than other people who have achieved amazing results, we caught up with some South Beach Diet Success Stories to get their top diet tips for maximizing your healthy weight loss. Be sure to give these diet tips a read, then pop on over to our South Beach Diet Success Stories page for a healthy dose of inspiration!

1. Make the Full Commitment

“This choice needs to be a commitment. Remember that. The steps and food are all there. My number one piece of advice is to do meal prep; this is a must. Resetting your metabolism does mean eating a least six times a day. If you’re not prepared, you will either be hungry or pick something up that just won’t fit into your commitment. Even going grocery shopping, make a conscience effort to have something with you.” —Scott Szymanski

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2. Follow the Meal Plan

“My top tip would be to eat every two to three hours and drink tons of water. Follow the plan to a “T,” making sure to eat all the recommended daily servings of food in each category. Don’t skip your veggies! You’ll be most successful if you don’t miss a meal or a snack because you’ll feel more satisfied (full) and eating more often speeds up your metabolism. You might feel like you’re eating too much, but because you’re eating the right foods, the weight will come off!” —Betsey Szymanski

3. Stick to the Weight Loss Program

“The best advice I would give someone just starting out is to stick with the program. The first few days takes some adjusting but if you stick with it the program really works. I’d also say that when starting the diet that they should not really think of it as a diet but as a lifestyle change. You are retraining your body to eat proper portions and balanced nutrition and this is something that they should think about as a permanent change and not just a quick fix weight loss solution.” —Asia Salazar

4. Get Active

“Find time to be active. I was eating to change my weight, and by getting active I was adding to that and not just changing my weight, but now changing my body. I have replaced the fat weight with muscle weight while slimming down on my clothing sizes. This is not to say you need to hit the gym like a body builder on Venice Beach. The diet will take care of the weight, and the activity will put you on South Beach.” —Scott Szymanski

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5. Recruit a Workout Buddy

“I recommend that you do the program with someone else for support. It helps to have an accountability partner and to have someone to workout with you.” —Marco Salazar

6. Don’t Obsess

“I know the weight loss is going to be exciting and you will probably want to weigh yourself every day. I did! Just don’t get hung up on the scale reading day to day. It will melt off. When you do weigh yourself, consider doing it at the same time every day. Another recommendation to witness the changes (because you really can’t “see yourself,” is to take pictures every week. Do this in the same spot, same clothes and same angles. I ended up beginning this method a couple of weeks in. I would do a front and side pose only in shorts. This is when you really noticed the differences.” —Scott Szymanski

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