How to Save Money on the South Beach Diet

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The secret to the magic of the new South Beach Diet is in the delicious, fully prepared, healthy meals delivered right to your door. Well, that and the time you save in the kitchen, the frustration you save not having to figure out the right balance of nutrients for weight loss, and the worry you save knowing that the South Beach Diet has done it all for you.

For all you save—and lose—when you join the South Beach Diet program, is there anything still holding you back? Looking to save a little more? Perhaps something in the cha-ching department? Then look no further…

Here are our top six ways to save money on the South Beach Diet:

1. Read the News

sign up for newsletterThe South Beach Diet newsletter, that is. When you sign up for the newsletter, not only will you get the insider scoop on all things South Beach Diet, the newest healthy living tips and inspiring articles—but you’ll save a little “extra, extra” with exclusive promotions and offers in each edition.

It’s a great way to save, and as an added bonus, you’ll always be up-to-date on the hottest healthy headlines. How do you sign up? Simply visit The Palm Weight Loss Blog homepage and scroll down until you see a pink box that reads “Subscribe to Our Stories.”

2. Save Every Month

Auto-delivery is like a trusty friend you can count on to always help you stay on track. With automatic shipping and billing, your South Beach Diet plan will ship right to your doorstep every four weeks, and you will never miss a beat. You’ll get an email reminder when it’s time to choose your foods and when your order ships, and you can pause or update your shipment date any time—you’re in control.

And just like a trusty friend, auto-delivery will also make sure you get a great deal. You’ll save 35 percent and get free shipping on every order by choosing this option! Ready to save? Learn more about the plan now.

But auto-delivery doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve found your favorite meals and snacks, you can add them to your auto-delivery order as a la carte items. You’ll get 20 percent off and enjoy free shipping on any and all South Beach Diet foods you just can’t live without more of (we’re looking at you, Dark Chocolate Ricotta Muffin!).

3. Tell Your Friends

Share the slim-down love with your friends. Invite them to join the South Beach Diet plan and they’ll get $30 off their first diet plan purchase. As a special thank you, we’ll send you $30, too.

Great news—research suggests that working out with a partner can help you both stay more motivated and even improve your performance at the gym. Refer a Friend, and you both win!

4. Stay in Touch

Bookmark The Palm Weight Loss Blog, make frequent visits, and you’ll get access to our top tips for weight loss diet success, amazing recipes, fitness and lifestyle advice, and so much more.

Becoming a regular has a few other perks as well. You’ll find out about giveaways for free products, plus special promotions and discounts just for readers.

And don’t forget to follow the South Beach Diet on Facebook. We offer special deals to those who like the page.

5. App to It!

Ready to lose more weight? There’s an app for that! As study after study has shown, people who log what they eat are more likely to lose weight, lose more weight, and to keep it off than people who don’t. Even more appealing, smartphone app users are 20 percent more consistent in logging their meals than people who track with pen and paper.

Enter: the South Beach Diet tracker app. It’s completely free. It contains the entire South Beach Diet food database, so it’s easier and faster than just jotting it down. It’s loaded with lists of your proteins, healthy fats, good carbs and approved extras for quick reference. And since it’s specifically designed for the South Beach Diet, it syncs seamlessly to each phase of your plan, so you always know what to eat, when.

Of course, the South Beach Diet tracker app can save you money, too. App users get access to all kinds of exclusive offers, discounts and promotions. Don’t miss out: Download the tracker app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Want to Lose Weight? We’ve Got an App for That!

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6. Get Your Clip On

Remember when coupons were one of the best way to save? Well, we’re happy to say, it’s still true! Only now it’s coupon codes—and you can save a lot by checking out the South Beach Diet coupons and special offers page. Here, you’ll find the most current discount codes and special promotions to help you save instantly on your healthy food order.

Cash in on these great South Beach Diet tips—and you’ll be lining the pockets of your new skinny jeans with all the money you save!