What Exactly is a Non-Starchy Veggie?

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non-starchy veggies

Listen: We know life is busy (why else would we have published this great article on 4 Weight Loss Tips for Insanely Busy People?!). It can be hard to get in all of your non-starchy veggie servings during those jam-packed weekdays.

That’s why we love the South Beach Diet. It’s a great way to lose weight and reclaim your health without all the counting, measuring or work (did someone say delicious, fully prepared diet meals portioned for weight loss and delivered to your door?!).

And, to help make it even easier, we’ve created the one cheat sheet you’ll need while on South Beach Diet Phase 1: The Non-Starchy Veggie Cheat Sheet. As you know, you’ll need to supplement your diet meal plan with non-starchy veggies. But because the term “non-starchy” isn’t that helpful when you’re perusing the produce aisle, we’re serving up some visuals designed to guide your grocery selections. Look them over, print them out, post them on your fridge, take a photo of them with your cell phone… whatever is easiest for you, do it.