3 Must-Have Muffins to Brighten Up Those “Meh” Mornings

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Are you one of the millions of people rushing to get out the door on time in the morning? We’re here to make this a LOT easier for you with a quick, effortless and nutritional breakfast. Our South Beach muffins are a scrumptious treat—ESPECIALLY when you are scrambling to leave the house on time. These low-calorie breakfast muffins are filled with protein, so not only are they quick and easy, they will help curb your cravings throughout the day!

No more skipping breakfast or resorting to something unhealthy because you are crammed for time. Instead, try starting the day with a tasty AND satisfying muffin. These heavenly treats are sure to make getting out of bed much more appealing and less stressful (you’ll find yourself with extra time in the morning thanks to this quick and easy meal!). Stay on track with your weight loss goals by choosing the right option to start your day, while saving yourself the extra time!

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Here are three South Beach Diet must-have muffins you need to order ASAP:

1. Blueberry Ricotta Muffin >


Enjoy sweet and delicious goodness with a 200 calorie breakfast comprised of two Blueberry Ricotta Muffins. These muffins are just as cute as they are mouthwatering! Soon to be a staple in your breakfast routine, this muffin is made of smooth ricotta that is wrapped around yummy blueberries and baked into two hearty whole wheat muffins. This sweet and savory on-the-go breakfast gives you 13 grams of protein and six grams of fiber. You never have to feel the guilt from indulging in a muffin again! Click here to get the Blueberry Ricotta Muffin >

2. Banana Nut Ricotta Muffin >

Tempt your taste buds and get your morning routine moving with the classic flavor combo of the Banana Nut Ricotta Muffin. Enjoy two whole wheat muffins at just 210 calories as the sweet start to your day. These bakery-fresh favorites from South Beach Diet can be quickly warmed in the microwave and ready to be devoured while you are walking out your front door! With 13 grams of protein, these Banana Nut Ricotta Muffins are a breakfast delight that’ll satisfy your morning hunger and keep you on the road to weight loss success. Click here to get the Banana Nut Ricotta Muffin >

3. Dark Chocolate Ricotta Muffin >


Indulge in the delicious and delectable Dark Chocolate Ricotta Muffin, and you will feel like you are having a decadent dessert for breakfast! While it may feel (and taste) like you’re cheating on your diet, these two dark chocolate muffins are baked with whole wheat and have only 190 calories total. You’ll be heading to bed early so you can enjoy these muffins for breakfast with a hearty 13 grams of protein to make them even more irresistible. South Beach Diet makes it possible to eat chocolate while keeping your shape. You can roll out of bed and start your day while kicking your cravings the healthy way! Click here to get the Dark Chocolate Ricotta Muffin >

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