14 South Beach Diet Menu Items That Taste Like Summer

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With warm weather pushing out the unpredictability of spring, it’s time to reset our grocery lists to include classic summer goodies. Take advantage of the seasonal fruits and veggies that make summer fanfare so delectable! With a little help from the South Beach Diet, you can enjoy an easy, breezy summer without the meal prep or planning. Our menu is packed with delicious options that are perfect for that summer palate. From the fruity, tropical sweets and hearty seasonal veggies to treats you might find at a boardwalk, barbecue or carnival, this list is sure to upgrade your summer eating!

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Fill your summer menu with these 14 South Beach Diet products that are perfect for the season:

1. Garden Veggie & Cheese Omelet >

veggie omelet menu

Blending the delicious flavors of seasonal summer veggies with the protein-goodness of egg whites, this menu item is a great wake-up call to a great day. With only 110 calories and 12 grams of protein, this hearty egg breakfast tastes like you just stocked up at the local farmer’s market.

2. Just Add Eggs! Ham & Cheese Scramble >


We make breakfast time easy with this scramble that will remind you of countryside summers. Add two large eggs directly to this dish, mix it with a fork and microwave for a perfectly scrambled egg breakfast. Ham, cheese and spinach keep this easy-peasy dish simple and delectable.

3. Beach Shack Cappuccino Shake >

summer menu

Craving an ice cold beverage on the beach? Clocking in at just 200 calories per delicious serving, this shake is the perfect way to wake up. Enjoy the flavors of iced coffee in the morning with a breakfast Beach Shack Shake that will keep you satisfied.

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4. Coconut Vanilla Almond Entrée Bar >

keto bar

Enjoy lunch on the beach with an easy and portable bar that is perfect to throw in your beach bag or cooler. The complementary blend of coconut and vanilla makes this high fiber meal bar the perfect go-to when time is tight. Almonds and walnuts help keep you satisfied and energized for a busy summer day.

5. Grilled Chicken Sandwich >

grilled chicken sandwich

The arrival of warm weather means the arrival of cookouts, barbecues and grilled chicken! Enjoy your favorite backyard barbecue flavors without even turning on the grill. This marinated chicken breast mixes sweet, tangy brown sugar with onions, garlic and vinegar to create a delicious mealtime experience. Flame-broiled and served on a whole-wheat bun, this classic grilled favorite lacks zero flavor. Serve up this menu item with a seasonal side salad filled with grilled summer veggies.

6. Margherita Pizza >

keto friendly frozen pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? This guilt-free pie combines the traditional flavors of mozzarella and vine-ripened tomatoes with a pinch of basil. We serve it atop a thin, crispy crust that rivals your favorite slice at the beach or carnival. Indulge in this fan-favorite food without the unwanted grease and heavy-carbs that you’ll find on the boardwalk.

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7. Chicken and Veggies >

summer menu

Roasted peppers, vitamin C-packed broccoli and edamame join forces with tenderly baked chicken to create a wholesome summer harvest meal! With the additional goodness of cauliflower rice and bourbon-flavored sauce, this dinner has all the comfort food feels with good-for-you ingredients!

8. Tuna Salad >

healthy menu

Short on time? No problem! This cool and refreshing meal is packed with protein and quick to make. Our ready-to-eat tuna salad can be placed on a crisp lettuce leaf or a multigrain roll for an easy, satisfying summer meal.

9. Chicken with Apricot Glaze >

healthy menu

Summer means that fresh fruit like apricots are in season and better than ever! We put a savory spin on this sweet summer fruit by using apricot puree in this Asian-inspired meal. If you love ordering takeout and stir-fry is a go-to for you, this dish is a must-try! Sugar snap peas and carrots combine with a guilt-free glaze and tender chicken in this hearty dinner.

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10. Cheeseburger Soup >

low carb menu

We transformed another cookout classic into a lightened up meal delivered directly to your door! Don’t judge a meal by its name because this slightly odd-sounding dish has everything you could hope for: ground beef and sharp cheddar cheese with just the right amount of onion. So, forget the bun and pay homage to the classic cheeseburger with this alternative.

11. Chicken Primavera >

low carb menu

Roasted chicken is complemented by the fresh flavors of warm weather produce. While this dish contains chicken as the main protein, we think the zucchini squash, asparagus and tomatoes are what stand out the most in this light but hearty menu item. This is the perfect weeknight dinner to enjoy out on the deck.

12. Sea Salt-Kissed Nuts >

keto snacks

Heading to the beach? Going on a summer nature hike? Be sure to pack this perfectly portioned snack! This blend of roasted almonds, pistachios and peanuts is lightly kissed with sea salt to create a portable treat—anytime, anywhere!

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13. Keto-Friendly Chocolate & Vanilla Shake Mix >

keto shakes menu

Cool down this summer with a creamy, dreamy protein shake! Our Keto-Friendly shake mix has 20 grams of protein per serving and tastes like a delectable milkshake from your favorite ice cream shop. Plus, each serving has three grams of net carbs and zero grams of added sugar. Combine them with summer fruit and veggies for summer smoothies all season long.

14. Lemon Lime Hydration Booster >

hydration booster electrolytes menu

Beat the heat and stay hydrated! B vitamins and electrolytes make this mix the go-to for when you’re craving a guilt-free alternative to your daily water intake. Super refreshing, this sweet and sour mix is a great addition to your summer menu. Need to quickly rehydrate with some electrolytes after a long day in the summer sun? These single-serving packets are the perfect blast of refreshing hydration. Quench your thirst and boost your hydration while sipping on the sweet and tangy taste of lemon and lime.

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