Your Phase 3 Meal Plan Explained

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Phase 3 meal plan

South Beach Simple™ is a diet plan that works for people with busy lifestyles who are looking for some guidance on losing or maintaining their weight. Designed from the original principles of the South Beach Diet® book, this program gives you the flexibility of DIY eating with the guidance of portion-control. Think of it as your ultimate meal plan guide, with the addition of delicious shakes and bars!

The South Beach Simple meal plan supports all phases of the South Beach Diet. So, if you’re ready for Phase 3 of the diet program, keep reading as we explain exactly what South Beach Phase 3 entails, the number of calories you will be taking in, and which colored containers will become your best friend. Also, make sure you check out our South Beach Simple recipes for your DIY deliciousness! >

Just as in South Beach Phases 1 and 2, each day you’ll enjoy:

One South Beach Simply Fit shake for breakfast
One South Beach Diet bar for an afternoon snack
Two healthy meals on your own
Two healthy snacks on your own


  • Adhere to a specific calorie count depending on your physical activity level
  • Maintain your healthy lifestyle using our portion-perfect container set
  • Keep up your energy level with healthy food options, including a shake and snack bar each day!

South Beach Phase 3 is all about maintaining the healthy weight loss you achieved in South Beach Phases 1 and 2. In order to maintain weight loss, it is SO important to have a good understanding of how many calories your body needs each day for optimal energy balance.

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In this South Beach phase, you will be able to enjoy your Lean Proteins, Healthy Fats, Good Carbs, Vegetables and Fruits every day! The number of containers you’re allotted, though, will depend upon your level of physical activity. The best part is, we’ll tell you exactly how many containers of each you can consume pertaining to YOUR specific physical activity level!

Check out the chart below to get your numbers based on your caloric intake:


Phase 3


To figure out EXACTLY how many calories and containers match your physical activity level, follow the flow chart below!



flow chart 2 edited


Check out this sample day based on the allotted colored containers for South Beach Phase 3:

Phase 3 containers

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