5 More Reasons Jessie James Decker Can’t Get Enough of the South Beach Diet

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Jessie James Decker

Even celebrities struggle with real-world problems…like weight. Just ask singer, songwriter, reality TV star, entrepreneur and author Jessie James Decker. The wife and mother says having children completely changed her body and metabolism and after baby number three was born last March, Jessie’s self-confidence was tested.

“I’m so blessed and grateful to have my babies, but it definitely can test your self-esteem when you are used to looking and feeling a certain way,” she says.

So the 30-year-old mama signed up for South Beach Diet, hit the gym, and has never felt better. “I wish I had known about South Beach sooner,” she says. “I feel like it’s perfect for everybody.” And, in Jessie’s world, she means everybody. She even convinced both her mom and grandma, who wanted to shed some post-holiday weight, to try it. But especially for people who want a whole new lifestyle—just like Jessie did—“South Beach is the way to go,” she says.

But what is it about South Beach that Jessie James Decker loves so much? Why this diet and not others?

We asked her to get specific, and Jessie James Decker gave us five reasons why South Beach is her go-to:

1. “It’s all laid out for you.”

Jessie James Decker

Here’s what Jessie James Decker means: No matter what plan you choose, each one comes with fully-prepared breakfasts, lunches and dinners. You’ll be eating high-protein, low-sugar meals—plus lots of veggies and healthy fats—to reset your body to burn fat (not carbs) as fuel. It’s all portioned out and prepared for you. After reaching your goal weight, you can enjoy your South Beach meals whenever you want something quick and healthy. You can log your food and exercise and get hundred of tips and tricks in the South Beach Tracker App to ensure you’re hitting your goals for each phase.

2. “There’s not a lot you have to think about.”

Jessie James Decker

Most days, the extent of your “thinking” will be deciding what breakfast, lunch or dinner you’re in the mood for. When it comes to DIY meals (you’ll prepare your own breakfasts, lunches and dinners twice each week), we’ve got hundreds of recipes that you can sort by phase, meal type or food type right here on The Palm. You’ll also find recipes in your Tracker App, as well.

3. “The food is great.”

Jessie James Decker

Here at South Beach, we give our chefs a challenge: Prepare foods that are nutritious, delicious, hearty and diverse—oh, and microwave safe. So when we hear that Jessie’s husband, Eric, is sneaking some of her South Beach snacks, we’re tickled pink. Each of our recipes are carefully crafted to help you satisfy cravings without straying from your phase, specific meal plan or taking you too far out of your comfort zone. What are Jessie’s pre-made favorites? Chicken and Brown Rice, Texas Chili, and the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, which she customizes to her taste. “I’ll add a little tomato, lettuce and Dijon mustard. It’s fabulous and very filling.”

4. “You see results really fast.”

south beach

Jessie says she was clueless how to lose weight after she had her first baby. She got a little wiser after baby number two. And by baby number three, she knew exactly what to do—losing 25 pounds.* “I did it with South Beach,” she says. “This is the fastest I have ever lost weight from all of my pregnancies, and I truly think it’s just from educating myself and knowing what to do and having this program right in front of me.” Based on results from our clinical study, most people who try the South Beach Diet lose 5.8 lbs in the first seven days and 1-2 lbs per week thereafter.

5. “I feel good on the South Beach Diet.”

south beach

“I’ve tried some of the really crazy fad diets and ultimately, they’re not healthy for you,” Jessie says. “What I’ve noticed more than anything is I feel good, and I feel like I’m getting all the nutrition I need.” Here’s why Jessie’s right: Unlike other low carb diets, South Beach advocates eating heart-healthy “good” fats like olive oil, avocado, nuts and proteins. Also, healthy carbs like whole grains and legumes are allowed in moderation, while other diets rule them out because they contain carbs. Finally, there’s the emphasis on veggies, veggies, veggies, which lower your risk of many health issues.

What are you waiting for? Follow in Jessie’s footsteps and start your weight loss journey today! >