Survey Alert! Which Flavor Hydration Booster Would You Pick?

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hydration booster

Here at South Beach, we are looking for new and fresh ways to help you live a healthy lifestyle—and that includes drinking plenty of H2O! So, who better to ask what flavor hydration booster we should add to our menu than our awesome customers?

Hydration boosters support optimal hydration with a natural electrolyte complex designed to replenish minerals lost throughout an active day. These hydration boosters are made with electrolytes to support natural hydration without excess added sugar or carbohydrates.  These deliciously-flavored boosters can easily be added to your water for a refreshing low calorie beverage.  And what makes them even better? Each booster is free of artificial flavors and sweeteners to ensure you’re staying hydrated the natural way.

We appreciate your feedback, so thanks for helping us keep the South Beach menu fresh!

Which Hydration Booster Flavor Would You Pick?