6 Hearty Meals to Fill You Up This Fall

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Texas-style chili sauce with meat

Looking for some entrée inspiration? All six of these hearty meals have something in common: they’re all comforting. When Fall arrives, there’s no type of dish we crave more. Satisfy your autumn cravings and stay on track with these six popular South Beach Diet entrees.

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Here are six hearty meals to comfort you all autumn long:

1. Cheeseburger Soup >

hearty meals

It’s soup season and this burger in a bowl is just what autumn ordered. Now that summer is over, you can put your grill away and enjoy your cheeseburger in soup form. You won’t miss the bun with all the flavors from ground beef, sharp cheddar cheese and onions. Feel free to add your favorite burger toppings atop this comforting dish.

2. White Bean Chicken Chili >

chicken chili

Nothing says fall like a big bowl of chili. This one is sure to warm you up with its spicy roasted poblano peppers and golden chicken broth. With 19 grams of protein, it will fill you up and keep you track towards your weight loss goals.

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3. Home-style Chicken and Brown Rice >

hearty meals

If you love a homemade dinner but don’t enjoy cooking, South Beach has you covered! This entree tastes just like mom made it and contains simple ingredients with complex flavors; earthy mushrooms, savory chicken, sweet carrots and a rich gravy. Adding in some more of your favorite non-starchy veggies like broccoli, green beans or steamed spinach is a great way to mix up the meal and get in your greens!

4. Just in Thyme Beef Soup >

hearty meals

It’s about “thyme” that we got to our favorite soup! The Just in Thyme Beef Soup is the definition of hearty. This soup proves that simple is best, with minimal ingredients and maximum flavor. Try adding in some cauliflower rice, steamed spinach or serve it with a fresh garden salad on the side.

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5. Chockful of Veggie Chili >

veggie chili

Even plant-based dieters can enjoy a hearty meal. We raided the garden to make this veggie-packed chili. Red and green peppers, Edamame, grilled zucchini, onions and tomatoes fill up your bowl, while soy crumbles replace the meat and add protein. Vegetarians rejoice!

6. Texas-Style Chili Sauce with Meat >

hearty meals

Natives will tell you; real Texas chili doesn’t contain beans. This dish was made just for our Texans—and every other dieter who loves meat as much as we do. Naturally, this spiced, rich entrée has 20 grams of keep-you-full protein and only 230 calories.

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If you’re looking for more hearty meals for fall, South Beach Diet has a plan for you! Learn more about our programs >