What’s the Difference Between a “Diet” and a “Healthy Lifestyle,” Anyway?

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Dawn Castillo
South Beach success story, Dawn Castillo

When we asked 27-year-old Dawn Castillo (who lost 16 lbs on the South Beach Diet*) if she would describe SBD as a “diet” or “lifestyle,” she said this: “I personally dislike the word ‘diet.’ South Beach Diet has changed the way I look and feel about food. Eating better is a healthy lifestyle choice, not a diet.”

Twenty-six-year-old Kelsey Jackson (who lost 30 lbs on the South Beach Diet*) also voted “healthy lifestyle”: “I feel like I recalculated my brain to think about food and portions differently,” she said. “I don’t feel a need or desire to change that because it works so well.”

In truth, the best way to describe the South Beach Diet is that it’s both a diet and a healthy lifestyle. You will control your diet by eating fully prepared meals, snacks and shakes that align with our low carb approach. Your body retrains itself to burn fat as fuel instead of sugar and refined carbs, which helps you lose weight quickly. Meanwhile, the foods you’re eating are nutritious options that can be incorporated into your healthy lifestyle, long after you lose the weight.

How do you decide between a healthy lifestyle and a diet?

Kelsey Jackson
South Beach success story, Kelsey Jacksoninstead are high in protein, fiber and nutrients so you never feel hungry.

It’s up to you to make the diet a lifestyle by changing how you live. You’ll want to buy wholesome grocery-fresh foods including non-starchy vegetables (leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.), lean proteins (like eggs, milk, deli meat, etc.) and healthy fats (peanut butter, avocado, etc.).

It’s up to you to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, every day. It’s up to you to drink 64 ounces of water, which helps you feel full and helps your body process everything you’re now—and not—eating. It’s also up to you to track each stage of your journey so you’re more likely to retain the information and be motivated to continue.

In week 2, you’ll be introduced to DIY meals—where you create your own meals and snacks using South Beach Diet guidelines. We help you understand what types of foods sustain and nourish, how much of those foods entail a healthy serving and what foods you should avoid—and why. But you plan your meals, buy the food and prepare it all yourself.

healthy lifestyle
South Beach success story, Anh Nelson

By the time you reach South Beach Diet Success, you’ve reached your goal weight. You’re living a healthy lifestyle entirely on your own—no more premade SBD meals or snacks (unless you want to stock up on your favorites! You can grab them here >). You’ll just use the knowledge you’ve learned to maintain your weight loss. Eat all foods in moderation. Exercise. Drink plenty of water. Continue to be the person you’ve become the last few months on the South Beach Diet, and you’ll be healthy, happy and in the best shape of your life.

Looking for some final advice on deciding between a healthy lifestyle and a diet?

“You’ll feel so good you’ll want to continue,” said Anh Nelson, 40. Anh lost nearly 40 lbs on South Beach Diet.* “I always knew I had it in me to make physical and physiological changes,” she said. “I thought I could do it myself but South Beach proved me wrong. I needed SB principals and focus to teach me what I should be eating for optimal success.”

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*Casting call volunteers, complimentary program provided.  Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.