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If you’re aiming to lose weight, you need to consistently make smart choices when it comes to picking what food you eat. Luckily, there are plenty of healthy food options to choose from that don’t force you to sacrifice delicious flavor. Ditch your fast food favorites and overloaded takeout orders to switch to something more beneficial to your body—and JUST as satisfying!

With various fully-prepared and nutritious options from South Beach Diet, you can stay on track with your weight management and continue to eat the types of meals you crave (think chocolate, Chinese, cheese and more!). Use this helpful list to ensure you make better choices when the cravings strike. With these smart substitutions, you can enjoy a smooth transition from familiar (and often unhealthy!) flavor pairings and add a healthy, South Beach Diet twist— so you can start to shape healthier eating habits and choose better quality meals.

Here are 10 smart and healthy food choices from South Beach Diet:

1. Choose a South Beach Diet Chocolate Ice Crush —NOT a Mocha Latte Frappuccino

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Whether you need something to give you that morning jumpstart, or you’re looking for a refreshing snack during the day—the delicious Chocolate Ice Crush from South Beach Diet can give you that spark you need to keep going. With only 130 calories and six grams of protein, you’ll be hitting a home run with your morning beverage. You’ll also be avoiding the sugar-overload coffee drinks, which can have upwards of 1000 calories—YIKES!

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2. Choose South Beach Diet Sea Salt-Kissed Nuts— NOT Potato Chips

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Savory, salty cravings occur far too often in between meals. This is why the Sea Salt-Kissed nuts from South Beach Diet can be your new best friend. Carry these babies around in your bag or stash them in your desk at work, and you’ll never find yourself pressing the buttons for an unhealthy vending machine snack ever again. With only 170 calories, this delicious, nutty combo of roasted almonds, pistachios and peanuts will fill you up, satisfy your taste buds, and keep you going strong all day long with six grams of protein.

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3. Choose a South Beach Diet Strawberry Ricotta Muffin— NOT a Bakery Muffin

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Enjoy a classic morning favorite as a part of your healthy diet with this nutritious and well-balanced breakfast Strawberry Ricotta Muffin from South Beach Diet. For just 200 calories, you get two delectably, baked muffins made with rich ricotta and fresh strawberries—so you can enjoy something sweet to start your morning off right! Don’t weigh your body (and energy) down with a dense, sugary muffin made with over TWICE the calories.

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4. Choose South Beach Diet BBQ Sauce with Chicken— NOT a Crispy BBQ Chicken Wrap

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This South Beach Diet favorite makes for the PERFECT lunch or dinner. Smothered with tangy, spicy sauce, perfectly roasted chicken bits are covered with bacon and jalapenos to give you a flavorful and hearty fill of food. Choose this well-rounded meal with 18 grams of protein and only nine grams of fat to avoid those excessively sauced and overly fried fast food wraps.

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5. Choose a South Beach Diet Turkey Sausage and Egg Muffin— NOT a Drive-Thru Breakfast Sandwich

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With the fully prepped and completely diet-friendly meal options from South Beach diet, you can still have your breakfast sandwich and eat it too! Refrain from grabbing a greasy fast food “sandwich” and take those extra minutes you spend in the drive-thru each morning to heat up an amazing, tasty and perfectly-portioned egg muffin made with turkey sausage. What’s the best part about it?—You can enjoy this breakfast at just 200 calories. This breakfast sandwich can be enjoyed guilt-free since it’s packed with 13 grams of protein and made with all of the right ingredients.

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6. Choose South Beach Diet Cheeseburger Soup—Not a Fast Food Cheeseburger

This Not That 6

Now you can enjoy your favorite American classic (in a bowl!) instead of on a greasy, high-calorie bun. That’s right—at less than HALF of the calories you’d consume grabbing a cheeseburger from your favorite fast food go-to, the South Beach Diet Cheeseburger Soup has a whopping 18 grams of protein and just 230 calories. Talk about getting full-on food satisfaction without being led astray from your diet goals. With delicious chunks of beef swimming in sharp cheddar and surrounded by onions, this soup may force you to forget about real cheeseburgers… FOREVER!

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7. Choose South Beach Diet Garlic Cheese Flatbread— NOT Delivery Cheese Pizza

This Not That 7

This crispy, crunchy flatbread may taste as if it is guilt-worthy, but it is oh-so-perfect for your healthy lifestyle! Drenched in garlic and topped with melty cheese, this Italian inspired flatbread has only 250 calories and four grams of fiber. You can feel good about eating pizza any day of the week! Say hello to this savory piece of perfection packed with 10 grams of protein, and say goodbye to those greasy, high-calorie and guilt-heavy delivery pizzas.

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8. Choose a South Beach Diet Chocolate Dipped Peanut Bar— NOT a Chocolate Candy Bar

This Not That 8

When cravings strike, instead of reaching for those overloaded candy bars, try something that’s just as sweet—but with half the calories! The delicious Chocolate Dipped Peanut Bar from South Beach Diet has just 120 calories, yet it is packed with smooth chocolate and rich peanut butter to easily take the place of your favorite treat. Enjoy and satisfy your chocolate cravings in a whole new way with this healthy snack bar that has eight grams of protein and gives your body the energy it needs!

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9. Choose South Beach Diet Sesame-Glazed Beef & Veggie Bowl— NOT Chinese Take-Out

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Eating your favorite meals and sticking to your diet is made easier with the amazing range of options from South Beach Diet. This Chinese-inspired classic offers fresh strips of seasoned beef and is glazed with our decadent tamari-sesame sauce. To top it off, it’s paired with peas and fresh broccoli for a truly nourishing meal. Ditch your take-out menus and enjoy this lunch or dinner. At only 190 calories and 16 grams of protein, you’ll be on your way to a smaller waistline.

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10. Choose South Beach Diet Chicken Fajita Bowl— NOT a fast food Mexican Burrito

This Not That 10

Burritos are fun, tasty and full of flavor which is why many of us love to indulge in these seemingly safe Mexican-inspired meals. But, you can easily overdo it with all of the loaded extra toppings that are available to add on. To play it safe on calories but keep it full in flavor, try the Chicken Fajita Bowl from South Beach Diet. It’s made with all of your favorites—including grilled chicken, brown rice, Monterey Jack cheese, cilantro, jalapenos, black beans and onions. You’ll be scraping the bottom of this bowl. And, with just 250 calories and 20 grams of protein, you won’t dare visit those fast food Mexican restaurants again!

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