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Will the South Beach Diet® make substitutions if some of the items I order are unavailable?

Here at the South Beach Diet, we make every possible effort to fill your order as requested. However, certain menu items may become unavailable without notice.* Our inventory of certain product(s) may change when it is either discontinued or low in inventory.

  1. Discontinued Menu Items: The menu item will no longer be in production. It will not be available to purchase in the future.
  2. Low Inventory Menu Items: There is a limited supply of the menu item but it will be available to purchase again in the future. Products that are low in stock may be substituted in your order. If you have a low inventory product in your shopping cart or on your order, you can either decrease the quantity or remove it completely.

We may substitute a menu item in your order if it is unavailable. The unavailable product will be replaced by a similar menu item in the same meal occasion. Products that are substituted in your order may be available to order again in the future.

If a substitution has to be made, the South Beach Diet makes every effort to ensure it fits the requirements of your specific South Beach Diet® plan. We will try to replace the menu item with another item that you have ordered. Please be aware that substituted products could have different ingredients and allergens than those that were originally ordered. Please double check all product labels for the most up-to-date nutrition and ingredient information for any/all South Beach Diet® items, including new and improved products. This is especially important if you have food allergies or if you are concerned about a specific ingredient.

*The South Beach Diet is not responsible for unavailability of menu items due to popular demand, whether discontinued or still in production. The South Beach Diet reserves the right to substitute a similar product when filling orders.