Everyone’s a Winner: 17 Extraordinary South Beach Diet Chicken Dinners!

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chicken dinner

It seems like anywhere you go a chicken dinner is on the menu.

So incredibly versatile, this lean, muscle-building dinner favorite is the perfect star in any healthy entrée. It’s wonderful soaked in deep Italian sauces, spiced up with hot, Mexican flavor or even stir-fried in salty, Asian-inspired meals. Honestly, there are countless ways to enjoy this savory, tender hunk of meat.

South Beach Diet makes it so incredibly simple to enjoy healthy chicken and take your taste buds on a journey with seasonings from all over the globe. All of the South Beach Diet Chicken dinners are prepared in appropriate portion sizes, with just the right amount of lean protein, healthy fats and vegetables.

So, say so long to the days when healthy eating meant boring plates of practically nothing.

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These are the South Beach Diet chicken dinners worth raving about:

1. 7 Spice Shrimp & Chicken Stir-Fry > 

chicken dinner

Seafood-lovers will absolutely adore this irresistible combination of shrimp and chicken! The flavors of this dish hail from Southeast Asia and would inspire anyone to be more creative with their hot meals. Seven spices bring life to this South Beach Diet meal, complete with snow peas and mushrooms. Hint: Lemongrass and ginger are some of these awesome flavors. Just 210 calories and 18 powerful grams of protein. Get it here >

2. Spicy Chicken & Riced Cauliflower >

chicken dinner

Hot and spicy… just the way we like it. Take your chicken dinner to the next level with a heat that makes our collars sweat and our taste buds yearn for more. Poblano, red chili and chipotle peppers do what they are made to in our smoky chipotle sauce, while roasted chicken, okra, carrots and spinach bask in its mouthwatering flavor. The Spicy Chicken & Riced Cauliflower takes control of appetites with an iron fist of 15 full grams of protein. It’s the perfect pick for someone on the South Beach Diet that operates best in the heat. Get it here >

3. Home-style Chicken & Brown Rice >

chicken dinner

Home-style really is the best way to describe this hearty chicken dinner. Thick, juicy pieces of chicken, carrots, onions and wholesome brown rice are bathed in thick, mushroom gravy. At 210 calories, this South Beach Diet dish is a clear winner over the traditional, fatty home-cooking. Five grams of fiber and 17 grams of protein fill up the tank for a happy belly that lasts. Get it here >

4. Chicken Roma >

chicken roma

You would never believe it’s possible to eat such delicious Italian-style meals and still lose weight, but this Chicken Roma is proof that there are many misconceptions about dieting. Perfect for any Italian-meal fan on South Beach Diet, there is no denying the amazing flavors of deep, red tomato sauce, parmesan cheese and sautéed green beans. While this chicken meal makes dinner easy and completely delightful, it is also a wonderful lunch at 21 grams of protein and just 210 calories. Get it here >

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5. Lemongrass Chicken >

chicken dinner

Ever had Thai food? Lemongrass Chicken is such a new and fresh way to make your protein interesting. The sauces that coats this lunch or dinner option is a fun and yummy blend of lemongrass, basil, lime garlic and ginger. Toasted sesames? Yes, please! The crunchy snap peas, green beans, water chestnuts, peas, broccoli, red bell pepper and onion paired with this chicken, the concern over getting enough veggies each day a thing of the past. If you’re still new to South Beach Diet, do yourself a favor and try this one out for your 20 grams of protein. Get it here >

6. Chicken Primavera >

chicken primavera

Such a spring-y way to enjoy chicken! Chicken Primavera takes the garden-fresh picks you love—zucchini, asparagus and plump tomatoes—and tosses them up with succulent, roasted chicken tenders. Hints of seasonings like garlic powder bring that extra something special to the meal, without overpowering its natural flavors. And with just 190 calories, this diet meal is so light! Get it here >

7. Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast >

stuffed chicken dinner

Chicken turns to the ultimate superfood for support in this popular South Beach Diet meal. The Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast is a tantalizing combination of rosemary-infused chicken breast, nutrient-packed broccoli and melted American and Swiss cheeses. This chicken lunch or dinner is just 210 calories with 17 grams of protein. Serve it over a bed of riced cauliflower on our keto friendly plan or cooked quinoa on our Maintenance phase.  Get it here >

8. Chicken Broccoli & Rice >

chicken broccoli rice

Enjoy a homestyle classic with simple ingredients and flavors. We serve up roasted chicken and crisp broccoli florets smothered in a cheddar cheese sauce and served over high-fiber brown rice. This comforting meal is convenient and deliciously satisfying for only 220 calories. It’s a hearty and healthy dinner that packs in a whopping 18 grams of protein. Get it here >

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9. Artichoke & Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast >

artichoke and spinach

Your favorite dip gets a keto friendly makeover in this chicken dinner! This elegant meal is a diet lifesaver, combining seriously delicious artichokes, spinach and a blend of cheeses stuffed inside a tender chicken breast. A customer favorite, this delectable dish is a scant 180 calories, but packs a protein punch—17 grams! Just like that, the best of both worlds, nutrition and amazing taste, become one. Get it here >

10. Chicken with Apricot Glaze >

chicken dinner

Getting through the tougher parts of starting a diet is so much easier with a South Beach Diet option like the Chicken with Apricot Glaze. 200 calories are just enough to banish those stomach grumbles and fill up your mouth with a roller coaster of flavors. Apricot puree, soy sauce, Dijon mustard, garlic and balsamic vinegar are the perfect sweet and sour sauce combination that make this chicken option extra unique from your everyday lunch or dinner. Get it here >

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11. Italian-Style Sausage & Peppers >

sausage and peppers

This Italian-Style Sausage & Peppers is evidence that chicken can stand up against beef and pork in a flavor battle. The balance between heat and a slightly sweet flavor make eating chicken any other way almost difficult. While chicken is the perfect base for a range of different and exciting meals, this dinner could become a staple. Red peppers and green bell peppers and onions are the perfect, delicious side to get you even closer to that new jean size. Protein count: 18. Flavor score: 100. Get it here >

12. Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breast >

mushroom chicken

Herb-spiced chicken pairs so perfectly with earthy mushrooms and sweet caramelized onions in the Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breast. Enjoy this classic blend in all its glory over a bed of zoodles or riced cauliflower. The veggies inside are coated in American and Swiss cheeses that are creamy, delicious and impossible to resist. Thankfully, at 210 calories, you won’t need to. As far as chicken dinners go, this one is a very easy choice. Get it here >

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13. Grilled Chicken Sandwich >

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

The Grilled Chicken Sandwich makes is evident, once again, that chicken tastes better on the South Beach Diet. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a simple, hearty sandwich. We marinate the plump chicken breast in brown sugar, onions, garlic and vinegar prior to grilling for a burst of flavor in every bite. Nestled within a whole wheat bun, this lunch or dinner contains 210 calories and zero guilt. Try it out piled high with your favorite veggies and cheese. Get it here >

14. Chicken & Veggies >

chicken and veggies

You can’t go wrong with protein and veggies! Our Chicken & Veggies dinner is a fantastic mixture of roasted peppers, broccoli, protein-popping edamame, riced cauliflower and, of course, chicken. The bourbon-flavored sauce makes all of these healthy ingredients shine. It’s finished off with caramelized onions and sesame seeds—none of which will be left behind in this 220-calore South Beach Diet chicken dinner. Get it here >

15. White Bean Chicken Chili >

chicken dinner

The White Bean Chicken Chili is delicious right down to the core. Roasted poblano peppers, white beans, onions, and vine-ripened tomatoes are beyond scrumptious when simmered with golden chicken broth and sliced chicken. This hearty source of nutrition will keep hunger away and get you through your busy day. You’d never even know you’re getting 15 percent of your iron, with that 19 grams of protein! Get it here >

16. Pantry-Ready Home-Style Creamy Cauliflower & Chicken >

chicken dinner

Creamy and healthy are two adjectives that you would think could never live in the same sentence! Well get your fill of thick, creamy—and yes healthy—casserole flavors in a chicken dish anyone could start drooling over. Cauliflower is a low-calorie base that fools your taste buds into thinking you’re indulging big, when dressed up with the taste of parmesan cheese, garlic and onion. White beans bring an extra pop of protein and fiber, (taking this chicken dish’s count up to 19 grams of protein and five grams of fiber). The Pantry-Ready Home-style Creamy Cauliflower & Chicken is easy to prepare and ideal for your busy schedule. Get it here >

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17. Pantry-Ready Southern-Style Chicken & Beans in a Tangy BBQ Sauce >

bbq chicken dinner

Have a hankering for good, old-fashioned barbeque sauce? The average stuff is loaded with added sugars! The Pantry-Ready Southern-Style Chicken & Beans in BBQ Sauce is your ticket to taking care of this craving once and for all. Hickory smoke, onion, mustard and a tad of sweet agave inspire the taste of your favorite barbeque sauce, while keeping the nutrition under control. The South Beach Diet meal only has six grams of sugar and, because chicken and beans are so full of protein, the satisfaction should last until the next meal. Get it here >