20 Tasty Dinners Under 250 Calories

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Breakfast may be crowned the most important meal of the day but dinner is definitely home to some of our favorite flavors. That’s why we’ve filled our menu with a variety of dinners that feature classic combinations and delicious ingredients. Plus, sometimes you just need something tasty and diet-friendly. Check out 20 of our favorite dinners that clock in under 250 calories.

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Here are 20 South Beach Diet dinners that are under 250 calories:

1. Chicken Broccoli and Riced Cauliflower >


One serving of this perfectly comforting and easy meal is just 210 calories! This dish combines roasted chicken and broccoli florets with a steamy cheddar cheese sauce that is bursting with flavor and decadence.

2. Grilled Chicken Sandwich >


Plump chicken breast marinated in a tangy mix of brown sugar, onions, garlic and vinegar makes this sandwich super flavorful! The chicken breast is flame-broiled to perfection without losing any of the juicy goodness.

3. Dark Chocolate Nut Entrée Bar >


At 190 calories and eight grams of protein, this grab-and-go bar can serve as a meal substitute. The high fiber and protein will keep you full as you satisfy your taste buds with chocolate and nutty flavors.

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4. Chicken and Veggies >

chicken and veggies

This meal combines roasted peppers, broccoli, edamame and baked chicken with a delicious bourbon-flavored sauce. The chicken and veggies served over cauliflower rice make a perfectly filling meal that’s packed with flavor.

5. Roasted Turkey with Herb Gravy >

Roasted tender turkey with sautéed green beans make for a homestyle meal that does not lack in flavor! At just 180 calories and a whopping 18 grams of protein, this meal is guaranteed to keep you full.

6. Chicken with Apricot Glaze >


This stir fry has all the flavors of your favorite takeout without the guilt! Tender chicken is combined with sugar snap peas, carrots and an apricot glaze to make this Asian-inspired meal delicious.

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7. Tuna Salad >

tuna salad

Even if you are short on time, this meal will keep you full for the long run. This ready-to-eat tuna salad can be added atop lettuce wraps, cucumbers or even sprouted seed crackers to make a quick yet filling meal.

8. Margherita Pizza >

keto pizza

This dish makes you feel like you’re eating out at your favorite authentic Italian restaurant without the added weight of extra carbs! With mozzarella cheese, vine-ripened tomatoes and a dash of basil atop a thin, crispy crust, this pizza is the perfect go-to for a weekend pizza night.

9. Texas-Style Chili Sauce with Meat >


Big, bold flavors are packed in this authentic meat-only chili. With 21 grams of protein and only six grams of net carbs, there are no unwanted calories in this filling dinner.

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10. Italian-Style Sausage and Peppers >


With all the flavors of a summertime grill, these Italian-style chicken sausages are mixed with peppers to create an appetizing and savory dish that embodies all the flavors of a home-grilled meal.

11. Peanut Butter Chocolate Entrée Bar >

protein meal bar

Even if you have to skip a sit-down meal and replace it with this bar, you will not be disappointed! The chocolaty, peanut butter flavors make this bar taste more like a special treat than a protein-packed meal replacement.

12. Spicy Chicken and Riced Cauliflower >

riced cauliflower

Covered in a smokey chipotle sauce, this dinner is packed with roasted chicken and sautéed okra, carrots and spinach. The cauliflower rice keeps it light and offers an additional veggie serving for your day!

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13. White Bean Chicken Chili >


This homestyle meal will make you cherish the comfort of your kitchen. All the chicken and veggies are simmered in a golden chicken broth, making it perfectly juicy and flavorful.

14. Cheeseburger Soup >


Drop the bun and grab a spoon instead! This cheeseburger soup cuts out the unnecessary carbs and packs protein and flavors into one heaping spoonful of goodness.

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15. Chicken Primavera >

chicken primavera

The lightness of this classic spring dish are accessible year-round and do not disappoint! With roasted chicken, asparagus, zucchini and vine-ripened tomatoes, this meal is light and hearty!

16. Home-Style Chicken & Brown Rice >


This chicken dish has all the classic flavors of your mom’s favorite homemade dinners. Hearty chicken, brown rice, rich mushroom gravy and cooked carrots are the perfect combination of simple and satisfying.

17. Mushroom Parmesan Soup with Chicken >


It may be summer but we’re already dreaming of soup season! We recommend stocking up on this creamy, dreamy soup so you always have delicious dinners on hand. Grab a spoon and dig into this simmering stew that’s nutritious and delicious.

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18. Chockful of Veggie Chili >

veggie chili

Calling all vegetarians! Get your veggie fix with a tasty chili that’s seasoned to perfection. Top it with a sprinkle of shredded cheese for extra flavor and melty goodness.

19. Steak and Asparagus >


What kind of meal delivery service would we be if we didn’t serve up Steak and Asparagus? This lightened up version features flame-broiled steak and crisp asparagus spears in a rich, mushroom gravy. It’s a classic combination that clocks in under 200 calories per meal.

20. Chicken Roma >


Roasted chicken. Vine-ripened tomato sauce. Sharp Parmesan cheese. Sautéed green beans. We pack it all into one fully-prepared meal that’s ready to enjoy in less than five minutes. You’ve never had a frozen dinner this delicious!

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