15 South Beach Recipes for Your Diabetes Diet Plan

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With fully-prepared meals from the South Beach Diet, you can lose weight to help manage your Type 2 diabetes.* However, learning how to prepare your own healthy, nutritious meals will help you maintain your weight loss in the long-term. That’s the reason we incorporate DIY meals into our programs. These are healthy meals that you will prepare on your own throughout your weight loss journey. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite recipes that you can make on your South Beach Diet Diabetes plan.

Our Diabetes plan is a high-protein, low-carb and low-sugar approach that’s easy-to-follow. If you have questions, you can always contact our Nutrition Support Team and Certified Diabetes Educators for recipes, information about the meal plan and approved foods at 866.496.0207 or nutritionsupport@southbeachdiet.com.

As always, speak with your doctor before starting a weight loss program or changing your diet to ensure it fits your needs. The South Beach Diabetes Program is specifically designed for people with Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. Your physician may need to adjust your medications due to changes in your diet, exercise or weight while on this program. Anyone on insulin or diabetic medications who go on a low-calorie diet may be at risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) if medications are not adjusted.

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Here are 15 recipes for your South Beach Diet Diabetes plan:

1. Lean Collard Green Machine Breakfast Wrap >


Breakfast burrito, anyone? A hearty egg, buttery avocado, juicy tomato and zesty onion give this wrap terrific flavor. And, because no burrito is complete without cheese, it contains two tablespoons of mild cheddar. Like pepper jack better? Give it a go.

2. 5-Ingredient Chocolate Avocado Pudding >

avocado pudding

“Chocolate” and “diet” are words that don’t usually fit in the same sentence. But here at South Beach, we do things a little differently. Enjoy this rich, flavorful pudding guilt-free—it’s packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. Almond butter (or better yet, peanut butter) only adds to the rich flavor.

3. 2-Step Chia Yogurt >

chia yogurt

Chia seeds are the richest plant source of omega-3 fatty acids. According to The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, one ounce of chia seeds contains 140 calories, four grams of protein, 11 (yes, 11!) grams of fiber and offers 18% of your daily calcium. Flavor wise, they’re almost untraceable which means the flavor of this pudding is mostly almond, cinnamon and creamy yogurt.

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4. South Beach Diet Classic Burger >


Juicy? Check. Flavorful? Check. Satisfying? Check. Whether in winter or summer, lunch or dinner, burgers are an American staple and a tradition we embrace. Use lean ground beef, as suggested, or seek out another option like lamb, turkey—even bison or elk.

5. Cauliflower “Rice” and Ground Beef Stuffed Peppers >


Is company coming? You don’t have to destroy your diet for the sake of entertaining others. Stuffed peppers are comforting, can be assembled ahead of time and make a terrific presentation. For an even prettier platter, use tricolor peppers.

6. “Souffle” Stuffed Chicken >

stuffed chicken

Shortcuts rock. Especially if you’re crunched for time or you’re just not in the mood to cook. Stouffer’s spinach soufflé is our clever shortcut here and you might want to stock up the next time you go shopping. You can also buy thin chicken cutlets to save a step.

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7. Chicken & Veggie Stuffed Cauliflower Crust Calzone >

cauliflower crust

You can’t beat a cheesy, flaky, hearty calzone. So, we figured out a way to make a cauliflower crust so this beloved entrée can still be part of your monthly (or weekly) rotation. Tight on time? Rice, cook and mix the cauliflower with the spices the night before. Then, mix up your filling and bake the crust. Buon appetito!

8. Beef with Mushrooms and Asparagus >


Make a five-star meal without setting foot in a restaurant. How? Layer on the flavor. When you score a steak and then rub it with spices, the flavor goes into the meat adding depth from the inside out. The same spices and juices season the asparagus and mushrooms.

9. Cauliflower Rice Shrimp Fajita Bowl >


Having trouble eating all of your veggies each day? As is, this recipe fulfills one and a half vegetable servings. Add a little extra bell pepper, cauliflower or tomatoes and you’re up to two servings. Add a little more to lunch or dinner, snack on some carrots and you’re up to five. Nice work!

10. “Fried” Eggs in Mushroom Caps >


You could find this breakfast on the menu at a terrific farm-to-table restaurant. But lucky for you, these baked eggs aren’t difficult to make. Invite all your girlfriends over for brunch. Or, treat your family to breakfast on a lazy Saturday.

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11. Breakfast Popovers with Parmesan >


Comfort comes from a muffin cup and looks a lot like these popovers—perfect for a Saturday morning breakfast or holiday brunch. Use whole grain, almond, coconut, flax meal or chickpea flour and feel free to use another variety of grated cheese.

12. Cottage Cheese Crepes with Cherries >


To make these crepes as buttery as possible, we used kamut flour in this recipe: a stone ground flour made from Khorasan wheat that’s whole grain, nutty and perfect in pastries. If you can’t find it, just use whole-wheat all-purpose flour or a gluten-free option like hazelnut flour.

13. Quiche with Swiss Cheese and Fennel >


Ahhh, a make-ahead recipe. There are a million occasions to have food on hand—from unexpected company to an unusually busy week. While you can’t normally freeze foods with dairy (because they get weepy), quiche is an exception and thaws quite nicely. Double this recipe and stock your freezer for a rainy day.

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14. Easy Chicken Parm >

chicken parm

Spiralized zucchini is surprisingly pasta-like. But mutiny may ensue if you try to pass it off as “spaghetti” on your loved ones’ dinner plates. Therefore, we developed this recipe with both zucchini and whole grain pasta. The nutritional yeast at the end adds cheesy flavor but feel free to sub in real Parmesan, if needed.

15. Provolone Chicken Sandwich >


There are a million ways to make a chicken sandwich. This Italian version has provolone, roasted red peppers and garlic. However, the sky’s your limit. Go for a Tex-Mex sandwich with pepper jack, chili powder and onions. Or, opt for a French style with Brie and caramelized onions. Keep inventing and enjoying!

*Please note that The South Beach Diet is not a cure, prevention or treatment for diabetes, and is not a substitute for diabetes medications. Losing weight helps you to lower your Blood Glucose Level so you can manage your Type 2 diabetes.