4 South Beach Diet Snacks for Those REALLY Busy Days

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busy days

When those summer days fade, and those more rigid schedules fall upon us, life seems to become more hectic with work, school, chores and never-ending errands. If you feel as though you’re constantly struggling to cram all your daily responsibilities into your busy days, you can cross weight management off the list with the help of smart, easy snacking options offered by South Beach Diet.

Being busy is no longer an excuse to head to the vending machine or hit the drive-thru when you have easily transportable and perfectly portioned South Beach snacks available. For those hectic, long days, stash these convenient shakes, bars and other guilt-free snacks from South Beach Diet in your pantry, purse or at your desk to ensure you always have a smart snack to turn to — especially when you’re in the tightest of time crunches!

Conquer your busiest days with these diet-friendly, delicious snacks that give you the energy, nutrition and boost you need to keep going from your 8:00 AM early-morning meeting, all the way to your 8:00 PM late-night workout.

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Here are four of our favorite South Beach snacks that you NEED to try on those busy days:

1. South Beach Shakes

If you’re a fan of milkshakes (who isn’t?!), you can turn your bad habit into a smart snack that’s ready to go whenever you are. These creamy treats are great for a pick-me-up during the day and ready within minutes. Slurp, sip and enjoy the satisfying feeling of remaining on track while indulging in one of these chilly South Beach Diet treats!

Fan Favorite: Chocolate Ice Crush >


Enjoy the creamy Chocolate Ice Crush shake, filled with three grams of fiber and six grams of protein to give your body what it needs to tackle the day with ease. This delightfully easy shake is the perfect way to enjoy dessert at any hour, all while keeping you on track with your weight loss goals. Stock up and keep these shakes at work or in your pantry for an effortless snack option that’s ready in minutes. Grab your Chocolate Ice Crush here! >

Fan Favorite: Vanilla Ice Crush >


Reach for the cool and classic Vanilla Ice Crush shake from South Beach Diet on those busy days. This deliciously sweet snack has just 140 calories and is the tasty treat of your healthy diet dreams. It can help you maintain healthy eating habits, even while you’re juggling a million things at once. Grab your Vanilla Ice Crush here! >

2. South Beach Diet® Bars

An ideal snack is easily transportable for those busy days, indescribably delicious and truly nutritious. Lucky for you, the amazing snack bars from South Beach Diet check off all three of those boxes! With convenient sizes, yummy flavors and hearty nutrients, these diet bars have the right stuff to make for a perfect snack in a pinch!

Fan Favorite: Dark Chocolate Nut Bar >


Full of roasted almonds, peanuts and walnuts, this Dark Chocolate Nut Bar snack gives you five grams of protein to keep you going throughout the day. Don’t let the delectable, dark chocolate coating fool you, this snack has only 130 calories—so you can feel full and satisfied on those seemingly never-ending days. Grab your Dark Chocolate Nut Bar here! >

Fan Favorite: Fudgy Graham Crumble Bar >


Delight your taste buds with the caramel, chocolate and Fudgy Graham Crumble Bar from South Beach Diet. Grab this snack bar from your bag in the middle of a meeting, on the way to the gym or wherever you are to enjoy a jaw-dropping 130 calories and nine grams of protein. Grab your Fudgy Graham Crumble Bar here! >

Fan Favorite: Chocolate Dipped Peanut Bar >


If you’re a fan of the sweet flavor combination of peanut butter and chocolate, you may have a new favorite snack from South Beach Diet. Packed with eight grams of protein and only five grams of fat, the Chocolate Dipped Peanut Bar is a guilt-free treat that may become a familiar travel companion for those days filled with to-dos. Satisfy your senses with this savory, chocolate-coated, peanut snack sensation which has only 120 calories, so you can keep slim and snack easy! Grab your Chocolate Dipped Peanut Bar here! >

3. Sea Salt-Kissed Nuts >


Treat your body to a healthy snack that’s plentiful with protein so you can make it through your busy days with your sanity intact. The Sea Salt-Kissed Nuts from South Beach Diet are a great savory substitution that you can reach for when you start craving a salty snack break. This cute, delicious mix of roasted almonds, peanuts and pistachios has a lovely six grams of protein and three grams of fiber. Enjoy these perfectly salted, on-the-go nuts for a quick and easy snack—minus the massive calorie overload! Grab your Sea Salt-Kissed Nuts here! >

4. Meat Snack Sticks

When you’re dealing with a million responsibilities all day long, you can look forward to the delicious, packable meat snack sticks from South Beach Diet to give you a little motivation without any effort. Try a hearty filling of quality meats in the form of a portable snack stick you can enjoy—whenever and wherever your hunger strikes!

Fan Favorite: Original Flavor Meat Snack Stick >


It doesn’t get much better than classic flavors, especially when you try the protein-packed Original Flavor Meat Snack Stick—which is sure to give you the resilience you need to take on your busy schedule. This meat stick from South Beach Diet is 90 calories well spent. AND with a whole seven grams of protein, you’ll want to carry this snack stick on-the-go for those emergency situations when you’re running on empty. Grab your Original Flavor Meat Stick here! >

Fan Favorite: Sweet & Tangy Flavored Meat Snack Stick >


Jam-packed, busy days can often make you feel sluggish, causing you to fall behind with what seems like everything. Give your senses a kick with the South Beach Diet Sweet & Tangy Flavored Meat Snack Stick. With only 90 calories and a full seven grams of protein, this tasty BBQ meat stick will make your body snap back into action. Keep this healthy meat snack handy as your savory secret weapon for days when you know you’ll have no time to spare. Grab your Sweet & Tangy Flavored Meat Stick here! >


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