4 Reasons Brittany Aldean Chose the South Beach Diet

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Brittany Aldean

After having two kids that are 14 months apart, Brittany Aldean struggled to feel like herself again. “I struggled to lose the weight after my second, but I wanted to give myself grace and time to get back to myself.” She had gained 40 pounds with both of her children. “I felt really down. Eventually I came to a point where I knew that I just had to take charge.” Find out how Brittany Aldean reclaimed her health and happiness with a nutritious, delicious and convenient diet.

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Here are four reasons why Brittany Aldean chose the South Beach Diet:

1. Travel-Friendly

Brittany Aldean

A busy lifestyle filled with kids, work and travel didn’t stop Brittany from losing the weight. She and her husband (country music star Jason Aldean) travel with their kiddos, Memphis and Navy, on a tour bus for much of the year. “I give credit to South Beach Diet because they have made it so easy. I take my meals, snacks and shakes on the road with me, which is so key for keeping me on track,” says Brittany.

The South Beach Diet is a convenient meal delivery service that sends meals, snacks and shakes directly to your door. We offer both frozen and shelf-stable products, making them ideal for travel and busy schedules. Plus, ordering is easy and you can pick out the foods you enjoy the most. Got a sweet tooth? Stock up on travel-friendly meal bars like our Dark Chocolate Nut Entrée Bar or low carb desserts like Double Chocolate Cookie Bites. Need a quick and easy meal to throw in the microwave? Our Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast and White Bean Chicken Chili are both scrumptious and satisfying. Click here to explore our menu! >

2. Life-Friendly

Brittany Aldean

When most people think of a keto diet, they think of an extremely restricted meal plan that’s boring and difficult to follow. However, here at the South Beach Diet, we do things a little differently. “The new keto-friendly South Beach Diet just launched and I love it! It provides all the benefits of keto without being so strict,” explains Brittany.

Our keto-friendly lifestyle is not “strict keto” and is not intended to allow individuals to achieve or maintain nutritional ketosis. We don’t believe nutritional ketosis needs to be obtained to gain many of the benefits of a low-carb, higher-fat dietary pattern for weight loss and overall health and wellness. This ultimately makes our version of keto an easier transition and a long-term healthy lifestyle. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of keto without cutting carbs completely out of your diet.

Net carbs are limited to 50 grams or less per day on our keto-friendly meal plan. This will allow you to enjoy healthy carbs in moderation and is more than what most keto diets allow. By following a flexible, keto-friendly diet, you can still enjoy some of your favorite foods and beverages in moderation.

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3. Health-Friendly

keto diet

These days, it’s easy enough to get food delivered to your home. However, getting food delivered that’s nutritious and healthy is a completely different story. With the South Beach Diet meal delivery service, you can get lightened-up, low carb versions of many of your favorite foods. Not only are they delicious, but they are filled with ingredients like protein, healthy fats, nutrient-rich veggies and high-fiber carbs.

So, when Brittany Aldean chose the South Beach Diet, she knew she could rely on us to send her convenient foods that supply the nutrition she needs. “I really wanted to focus on my health and what I was putting into my body,” explains Brittany. “I’m a firm believer that food is fuel. Eating healthy gives me energy and let’s face it, I need all the energy I can get with our busy life and these two babies running around!”

4. Success-Friendly

Brittany Aldean

Like many other South Beach Diet influencers and success stories, Brittany also chose our program because it works. It’s a lifestyle that promotes healthy weight loss through a nutritious diet. “I started South Beach and saw and felt the results almost immediately. I was a better “me” both mentally and physically and I am thankful that I found a program that truly works as a lifestyle,” says Brittany. “I feel like you’re so tired and you’re just trying to keep this little baby alive that you kind of forget about what you’re doing for yourself in that mix. So I finally just had to focus on myself and really think about what I was eating, the activity that I was taking in. It eventually started to come off.”

Brittany has lost a total of 17 pounds* with the South Beach Diet. She is “bigger than before” she had children but is “OK with it.” Brittany explains, “I gained 40 pounds with each. I think it’s just a natural transition for your body to just grow.”

Looking for a convenient meal delivery service? Click here to learn more about the South Beach Diet! >

*Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.