6 Ways Audrina Patridge Lives Healthy With the South Beach Diet

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Ever since her start on MTV’s The Hills, Audrina Patridge has learned a lot about what it means to live healthy. For Audrina, being healthy is no longer about what she weighs or how much she exercises, but about how she feels inside and outside. Her schedule is still just as busy as when she started the show in 2006, but Audrina now finds time to make healthy eating and active living a priority—with motivation from her daughter and a little help from the new South Beach Diet!

Audrina wants to focus on maintaining a healthy weight while consistently making nutritious choices so her daughter can see the importance in creating a healthy lifestyle. Find out how Audrina Patridge uses South Beach Diet practices to ensure she stays healthy from the inside out!

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Here are six ways Audrina Patridge lives healthy with the South Beach Diet:

audrina patridge 1. She keeps on-the-go snacks in her purse.

During her earlier reality TV days, Audrina had a reliance on fast food for a quick meal to suit her fast-paced lifestyle and fried food cravings. She felt she had to work out more to maintain her weight. Audrina knows that “with South Beach Diet, it’s easier because they have all these amazing snacks when you’re on the go.” Audrina says she tosses South Beach Diet snacks in her purse to battle cravings rather than heading to the drive-thru.

2. Audrina can track healthy meals and maintain her weight.

Living healthy is about making smart choices while focusing on what you put in your body—something Audrina knows since her days as a fast-food queen. Audrina says she is “using South Beach Diet to make sure I’m healthy from the inside out.” She knows she can track her meals, count calories and maintain a consistent eating schedule and weight with a little help from the South Beach Diet.

3. South Beach helps her build healthy habits.

Audrina knows from her personal experience that whether you need to gain or lose weight, it’s always about making smart, nutritional choices. She says, “it’s definitely not about being skinny, it’s about being healthy.” Audrina notes that finding the motivation to maintain a balanced lifestyle can start within yourself and taking the first step with the South Beach Diet can make it easier.

“Life is better on the healthy side!”

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4. She chooses meals that are both tasty and nutritious.

As a self-proclaimed peanut butter and chocolate lover, Audrina can indulge in the on-the-go meal bar from South Beach Diet to satisfy any sweet cravings.

audrina patridge

Audrina has a busy schedule, from being a hands-on mom to designing her swim line, she relies on convenient, yummy and easy-to-prepare meals delivered to her door. Some of her tried-and-true favorites are South Beach Diet breakfast sandwiches, shakes and breakfast muffins.

5. Audrina values lean proteins for energy.

While creating her swimsuit line and instilling positive, healthy habits in her daughter, Audrina needs food that provides her with lots of energy to squeeze in a workout while balancing mom and work life. Audrina uses the South Beach protein shakes to enhance her workouts and help her to build muscle. “I like to eat protein before and after workouts because you want to gain muscle—so the shakes make it really easy!”

6. Using South Beach Diet meals for her busy lifestyle.

Audrina runs her own business, stars in a hit reality TV show, and keeps up with her young daughter at home, so she needs help when it comes to eating healthy in a pinch. She uses South Beach Diet to fuel her body with the proper foods thanks to “delicious, go-to meals that you just pop in the oven or microwave, and you’re good to go!”

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