A Meal for Every Occasion: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on South Beach Diet

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Never stress about fitting three nutritional meals into your busy schedule again by always having your pantry stocked with delicious options from South Beach Diet! Our easily-stored meals are quick to prepare and come in a variety of options to suit your lifestyle. We’ve got a meal for every occasion on South Beach Diet! Check out a few of our favorites that we love for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you can switch up what you eat without messing with your weight loss goals.

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Check out three of our favorite breakfasts:

1. High Protein Pancake Mix >


Looking for a meal that will leave you feeling satisfied to start your day? Just add water to this protein-powered mix and with a few flips of the spatula, you’ll be sitting down to a scrumptious stack of pancakes! For those days when you have time to sit and savor, turn to this South Beach Diet meal option, which has just 160 calories, for a healthy twist on a classic breakfast. You’ll also enjoy 10 grams of protein and three grams of fiber, making these fluffy and filling flapjacks the best way to start your day!

Pro Tip: Chop your favorite nuts or fruit to mix in the pancake batter!

2. Beach Shack Chocolate Shake >


For days when you need to jet out the door, choose the Beach Shack Chocolate Shake to take as your partner in crime. This easy, on-the-go breakfast shake has just 200 calories along with 11 grams of protein to power your morning. Never look back and conquer the world with this thick, creamy and refreshing chocolate breakfast shake from South Beach Diet.

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3. Vegetable Frittata >


Make your mornings more vibrant with a vegetable frittata made with garden-fresh flavors. Zucchini, spinach and bell peppers make this fluffy egg bake equally colorful and nutritious. Topped with parmesan and mozzarella cheeses, this frittata is baked to perfection with 12 grams of protein and 120 calories for a fast, guilt-free breakfast.

Check out three of our favorite lunches:

4. Nut & Seed Entree Bar >


A 190-calorie meal bar is a perfect lunch for busy work days when you can’t get away from your desk. Chock full of nutritional nuts and seeds—including almonds, pumpkin seeds, cashews and peanuts—this savory entree bar also has a sweeter, vanilla side to it. We guarantee the 15 grams of protein in this grab-and-go lunch option from South Beach Diet will fuel your hectic schedule.

Pro Tip: Keep these bars at work, in your gym bag and in your pantry for emergency hunger situations!

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5. Tuna Salad >


Take the guesswork out of making your own and enjoy this perfectly portioned tuna salad lunch from South Beach Diet. This ready-to-eat tuna has water chestnuts, onions and 13 grams of protein for a crunchy, satisfying lunch you can feel good about. You’ll definitely want to try this 120-calorie tuna salad—which pairs perfectly with whole grain pita or celery sticks.

6. BBQ Sauce With Chicken >


Liven up your lunch by indulging in this tangy, 200-calorie chicken BBQ dish made with just the right amount of heat. Your taste buds will fall in love with the tender chicken bites, bacon and jalapenos all roasted to perfection and simmered in a special zesty hot sauce. Enjoy this hearty dish guilt-free because the 18 grams of protein and five grams of fiber make this the leanest BBQ you’ve ever had!

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Check out three of our favorite dinners:

7. Taqueria-Style Beef & Cheese Skillet >


A hearty beef and cheese bowl gets a healthy South Beach Diet-twist to give you a tempting dinner option with six grams of fiber and 21 grams of protein. Strips of pan-seared beef are mixed with smoky paprika, cumin, chili pepper and garlic to make a meal with fantastic flavor. Topped with diced tomatoes and melty cheddar, this cheesy, beefy supper is almost too good to be true with just 190 calories!

8. Chicken Fajita Bowl >


Fresh, grilled chicken is always a favorite for dinner, and when you throw in some classic Mexican ingredients, you get a delicious 250-calorie fajita bowl. Layers of peppers, onions, black beans and brown rice complement grilled chicken chunks in a smoky chipotle sauce. Of course, this filling fajita dinner has all your favorite extras like Monterey jack cheese, cilantro, scallions and jalapenos, so we know it’s hard to believe it has 20 grams of protein and five grams of fiber.

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9. Italian-Style Sausage and Peppers >

a meal

We’ve got a meal so hearty and delicious, it may very well become your go-to South Beach dinner. You can’t go wrong with the delicious and satisfying duo of sausage and peppers. Hunks of grilled chicken sausage are smothered in a decadent Italian sauce—tomatoes, EVOO, garlic, onions, the works—and tossed with colorful bell peppers to create the tastes of Italy in minutes! Relax and enjoy every bite because dinner with South Beach Diet means just 220 calories and 18 grams of protein.

Check out our full menu for even more breakfast, lunch and dinner options to stock up your kitchen with a meal for every occasion >